Ire Möbel AB

Visit:Fabriksgatan 5, 543 50 TIBRO, Sweden
Company number:556065-2710

Site facts

Address:Fabriksgatan 5, 543 50 TIBRO, Sweden
County:Västra Götaland
Site type:Main office
Employees:10 - 19

Scope for awarded certifications

ISO 14001:2015 - Design, product development, marketing and sales of upholstered furniture for homes and public spaces

SNI industry codes

31090 - Manufacture of other furniture

Organization facts

Legal name:Ire Möbel AB
Company number:556065-2710


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Economy Key Figures2017-122016-122015-12
Turnover (SEK 000's):24,17031,73034,433
Revenue (SEK 000's):1344175
Equity Ratio:57 %69 %59 %

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Awarded certifications

  • ISO 14001:2015 M
    Registration date:30/11/2010
    Accreditation body:SWEDAC

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